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The digital factory

As a major player in the digitalization of industrial activities, we have been publishing and integrating our software in the M.E.S., Quality Control and Manufacturing monitoring fields for over 30 years.

More than 6,000 user workstations are now deployed in France and throughout the world. QUASAR Solutions is part of the Awensys Group alongside the companies Obilog, Agilium and Cohorte Technologies.

QUASAR provides an innovative digital solution for industrial manufacturing management and quality control. Continuous improvement and increased profitability of the production chain.

  • Flexibility  & Custom-making
  • Proximity
  • Responsiveness
  • Agility
  • Accuracy

QUASAR Solutions is part of the Awensys Group

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QUASAR Solutions is located in Annecy – 15, route de Nanfray, 74 960 Cran-Gevrier – ANNECY

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the digital future

The Awensys Group



he world is experiencing an unprecedented digital transformation. Information is instantly available to everyone, everywhere.

The digital revolution impacts every organization and individual. It opens up an impressive space for data valuation and exploitation. Data is no longer only stored but is becoming a source of information for decision-making processes.

Here at Awensys, we are committed to designing agile and collaborative digital tools that help streamline the decision-making processes, to promoting initiatives and to recognizing the talent of our collaborators.

Our aim : make the company smarter and more efficient with the use of resources, make the systems and information-carrying products useful to every stakeholder in the company, from the design to the use of the product.

By concentrating the expertise of each brand of the group around an innovative technological environment, we have made the knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and their accessibility by all an asset and an everyday priority.

Together, let’s share the promises of the new world.

Awensys. The future will be connected. Will you ?

Our services

QUASAR offers 30 years of expertise to help you carry out your projects and guide you through the process.