The IT at the center of the digital transformation !

There is a genuine revival of technologies in the Industry 4.0 : IOT, AI, augmented reality… The IT is at the core of the digital transformation. It must seize the opportunities of the market where tools are multiplying.

An IT project that is integrated into the smart factory can no longer be carried out individually. Each project brings together the different trade areas (production, maintenance, automation, technologists, etc.). The IT becomes architect and connector while continuing to ensure the safety and sustainability of the solutions implemented.

the benefits of the Quasar MES for your IT teams

Deployment made easy

Simplify the integration of the M.E.S. within your information system and its deployment. 

Enhanced resources

Avoid specific developments by relying on the Quasar product and its wide range of functions.

Time saving for the team

Flexibility of the solution allowing the end user to be autonomous (configurations, standard reports…).

Rights management

Easily manage user rights thanks to the simple administration of the M.E.S. system.

Evolving system

Benefit from an evolving and stable product.

Modular tool 

Deploy the M.E.S. at your own pace as and when needed thanks to a modular system.

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