Maintenance management and equipment monitoring software

Track production in real time to collect manufacturing data. Production indicators are available in real time, providing an overview of the yield rates (OEE) and the relevance of the action plans implemented. Control your manufacturing process and improve the performance of your production units.

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Anticipate and reduce machine downtime
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Digitalize low value-added operations
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Be responsive in terms of workshop hazards
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Capitalize production data
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Monitor material consumption

Collect workshop data and monitor the manufacturing process

  • The times
  • The events
  • The quantities / meters
  • The material consumption
  • The traceability (production context, reading, etc.)
  • Scrap recording
  • Scrap causes identification 
  • Scrap analysis
  • Scrap rate
  • Link to the non-conformities and corrective actions module
  • Recording of batch numbers
  • Bar code label management
  • Recording material non-conformities

In order to limit manual inputs in QUASAR-FAB, an interface with your ERP / CAPM is available. The update is both upward and downward.

QUASAR-FAB permet de collecter les données de l’atelier en temps réel. Ces données seront de précieux indicateurs pour limiter vos temps d'arrêts machine et réduire vos coûts. Il apporte un gain de temps important et évite les erreurs de ressaisie. Sa mise en place est un réel atout dans le cadre d’une démarche d’amélioration continue.

Integrated grinding management !

The purpose of Quasar-Fab’s grinding option is to reduce the risk of producing non-compliant parts due to the cutting tool.

Grinding management includes all the steps of your activity for tool follow-up (control, grinding, change, alert, history and traceability). Thanks to the grinding management, you can manage your tool replacement and stock management processes while boosting your auto-control in production.

milling detail on metal cutting machine tool at factory

Assess your needs with our teams

project methodology

Pilot Project

Simulation of the software operating with your own workshop data

Easy set up

Only one software to install. Light architecture.

Digital continuity

We retrieve your information and connect to your systems


We coordinate the deployment of the solution on all your sites, in France and abroad.

Quasar MAINT in action

Towards Industry 4.0 !

Industry 4.0, factory of the future, smart factory… These terms have become central in the production environment. M.E.S. tools must help companies become smarter, more agile… Digital continuity, collaborative management…

The digital revolution that runs through the entire company highlights the value of data which is no longer stored for possible future justification needs. Today, this data is analyzed and enhanced throughout the production chain. It has become the vital energy of the integrated factory and the digital company.

Throughout the different industrial revolutions, man has always maintained a key role by continuously adapting to each period. This is still true within the factory 4.0 which marks a new industrial revolution