Document management software for the industry (dms)

Store and explore all your data (plans, procedures, standards…) on our collaborative and secure DMS platform. Connectors are set up to interact with all the modules of the QUASAR Suite and with your business software.

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Centralize all the documents linked to the positions and tasks of your collaborators
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View your processes, procedures or regulations in just a few clicks
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Limit multiple documents with the latest updated versions
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Share information more easily and securely


Storage and access to documents and data

The document management system integrated into your QUASAR modules brings significant advantages in terms of quality, productivity and lead times.
  • Customizable storage structure and business rules
  • Automatic update of documents linked to your activities
  • Event log keeping track of everything on the document platform
  • Management of positions and users

Exploration of documents from the Web interface

Thanks to immediate communication, processes and collaborative work are significantly optimized. Users no longer waste time searching for documents, posting them, checking that they have been validated and that they have the latest version.
  • Edit documents directly on the web interface
  • Search engine within the documents
  • Subscribe to events and notifications

our partnership with agilium, BPM & workflow engine

The QUASAR GED (DMS) platform is built on the AGILIUM workflow Engine. It has been developed to perfectly integrate into your information system.

The AGILIUM connector system allows you to interact with your processes, departments, indicators, positions and tasks.


Assess your needs with our teams

Project methodology

Pilot project

Simulation of the software operating with your own workshop data

Easy installation

A single software to install. Lightweight architecture.

Digital continuity

We retrieve your data and connect them to your systems


We handle the deployment of the solution on all your sites, in France and throughout the world

To go further

Towards Industry 4.0 !

Industry 4.0, factory of the future, smart factory… These terms have become central in the production environment. M.E.S. tools must help companies become smarter, more agile… Digital continuity, collaborative management…

The digital revolution that runs through the entire company highlights the value of data which is no longer stored for possible future justification needs. Today, this data is analyzed and enhanced throughout the production chain. It has become the vital energy of the integrated factory and the digital company.

Throughout the different industrial revolutions, man has always maintained a key role by continuously adapting to each period. This is still true within the factory 4.0 which marks a new industrial revolution